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December 9th, 2014
VeryFirstTo, a British luxury products website, is offering the world’s most expensive gingerbread house — a $77,910 confectionery masterpiece bedecked with an inedible cache of 150 South Sea pearls and a 5-carat Mozambique ruby.


What’s more, cake artist Georgia Green of Georgia’s Cakes — who actually studied architecture — promises to design the gingerbread house to mimic the characteristics of the customer’s own abode. Each custom design will measure approximately 26 by 14 by 18 inches.


In the example shown on the website, the gingerbread house is outlined in white South Sea pearls that appear to be about 10mm in size. Two pearls sit on each windowsill and a faceted oval ruby punctuates a Christmas wreath at the peak above the third-floor windows.

gingerbread3 claims that the 150 South Sea pearls are of the finest quality and that the ruby is unheated. More pearls can be added at an additional cost.

As one would expect from a luxurious gingerbread house that costs as much as some real homes, the ingredients are all top notch, from the organic ginger and Ceylon cinnamon to the Duchy organic eggs, Suma raw cane sugar and Echire butter from France.

“When it comes to Christmas, a gingerbread house is such an iconic tradition,” VeryFirstTo founder Marcel Knobil told ABC News. “And we felt it would be excellent to deliver a gingerbread house in its absolute most luxurious ultimate form.”

The deadline for U.K.-generated holiday orders is December 10. The published price of $77,910 does not include shipping. The deadline for international orders was not published on the web site.

This is not the first time VeryFirstTo has promoted over-the-top Christmas items. The company previously featured the most expensive Christmas wreath and the most precious Christmas pudding, according to ABC News.

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