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January 7th, 2015
The Germantown (Wis.) Police Department closed the file on the “Christmas Ring Mystery” after the owner came forward Monday to claim the diamond engagement ring that was found dangling from a branch of the department’s lobby Christmas tree.


For the five weeks leading up to Christmas, community members — both young and old alike — were invited via Facebook to decorate the department’s tree. Children who put ornaments on the tree received a stuffed animal in return.

But on Saturday, while helpers were taking down the tree, one “ornament” stood out from the rest. It was a diamond engagement ring that was left anonymously — and hardly by accident.


“It wasn’t like it fell off of something, you know. It was intentionally placed on that tree,” Police Chief Peter Hoell told Fox6 News.

Hoell quickly turned to the department’s Facebook page to put out the word about the ring and to determine if the owner had second thoughts about parting with such a valuable and sentimental keepsake.

The response from Facebook users was overwhelming, with inquiries coming in from as far as Dallas. Hoell noted that he received a lot of emails and phone calls from people praying and hoping this was their lost or stolen wedding ring. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Then, on Monday night, Hoell announced via Facebook that the ring’s owner had finally come forward.


“Tonight we have identified the owner who intentionally placed the ring on our Christmas tree,” Hoell wrote. “This was a highly emotional domestic situation and the owner now would like the ring back.”

Hoell had suspected that the ring may have landed on the tree as a result of an impulsive, emotional act.

“This was the primary reason we posted this story on Facebook, thinking this may be the case,” he wrote. “I do not want to give any additional details so as not to embarrass the ring owner and/or the family.”

Hoell reported that the three-day Christmas Ring Mystery left him with a greater understanding of the jewelry business. “I now know more about weddings rings and diamond cuts than I ever thought I would,” he wrote.

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